Friday, September 21, 2012

Cardiologist follow up in .... ONE year?!

Yep. =o) Heart cath went great. Camden recovered from anesthesia for several hours afterwards then was walking around as if nothing happened. He said, " I'm fine, momma!" 
We did find out the his pulmonary hypertension is mild. I am ok with that and was just thanking God is wasn't severe!

The odd part, (but good) was that the PDA was too small and insignificant to repair! Dr said he could have tried if I wanted him to but said it wasn't worth it, so I let it be his call. He is 100% positive it isn't causing any problems, and I trust him. He said he will see us back in one year! 

This time getting him put under was awful. The Versed wasn't working and he wanted me to take him back to the OR. He fought and fought and we all had to hold him down to be put out. I almost feel guilty that I am so tough about this. After 15 plus surgeries I have had to buck up, otherwise I'd lose it  everytime I had to give him over to the OR, or watch him recover from surgery, or see him scream over an IV. (WOW he hates IVs!!-that was the hugest issue this time around!) Anyways, I was just thinking about this the other day as I watched him recover. I did have a 30 second break down the following day, but I recover from those faster these days and I dont have as many. God's Peace.

So for now, we have some appointments set with ortho, ENT, and urology and hopefully he will get a nice couple of months break from the hospital.  

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Heart Cath This Tuesday

Well, Tuesday is the big day. I am focusing on the fact that this is a heart cath meaning less time under anesthesia and only ONE night in hospital! Camden and I have been already talking about it. He is asking about "hurts" and IVs and if he'll be able to watch certain movies again. I tell him it will hurt a little, but daddy, mommy. and Nana will be by his side! He is so tough but I hate that he has to deal with this! Goal for Tuesday is to measure that stupid pulmonary hypertension that decided to sneak in on us again and to plug the itty bitty hold in his heart valve. After this we have ONE more planned surgery!!! Almost there! I have appointments already set up with ENT (trach hole closure) and urology (bring testes down) so we can try to set things up in JAX for both procedures at once.

As for eating! WOW! He is eating A LOT. We were laughing so hard the other night because we actually had to tell him "no more" because we thought he was going to bust. ;oP I never thought I'd have to say that to him. He'll eat a ton, then graze a bit. We did have to go to some night tube feeds because he was obviously losing weight, but that is ok....not even a worry in my mind about losing that tube because he is doing awesome in that department.

Please pray for my little man but also for my dear friend, Shannon's baby Madden. He has a mito disease and is having some breathing and seizure issues. I love this family dearly and am hurting for them as they travel this journey and they need prayers. Thank you all <3 p="p">