Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Few Camden update =)

First of all, the good news with physical therapy. Camden's PT said that although he is behind physically she feels like she is going to cut back her visit once a month! He is progressing so fast. If after a few months he doesnt seem to be making progress she will start coming more but he seems to be taking off. His walk is a bit Frankensteinish, but that is from laying so long. His muscles in his legs have to stretch in areas, shorten in others, but the PT said that is totally normal (although I do love his walk =p) He is hardly crawling at all anymore, I am still beyond excited over his walking. Praise God my baby is walking...

I am still trying to figure out the cause of the retching. He has been off the soy formula for about a week now and the retching has left....until this morning. ugh! I decided to take out soy to see if he had developed an allergy to it since he has those tendencies, being allergic to milk. So after a week of doing great, this morning he retched. I am still thinking soy is a problem, although being allergic to soy and milk is going to stink. I am going to have more blood work done to rule it out. I think the retching this morning was just normal Camden retching. I dont know! If the results come back ok, we'll pretty much know it is "just him" =(

He is signing a lot and still not saying anymore words. We now have speech therapy coming to the house once a week, and still continue to have the OT every Tues. She has been working with him on food, so he has despised her the last few visits. He did great today, licking chips until a piece broke off in his mouth and he starting gagging. He recovered well, then eventually threw the chip very rudely right after she left. Today he decided to lick my gum and loved it. ( I know, gross, but when your kid doesnt eat you dont care) So I need spearmint flavors, salty, chip textured foods that don't crumble. Anyone know where I can get these, let me know.... =)

This past weekend we raised a little awareness for CDH. We were trying to win the APX contest that was offering 100,000 for first place with the foundations that received the most votes off of facebook. We went out in front of a mall and gave people ribbons, and made them promise to go home and vote for us. =) Not sure who really did it, but at least they got to learn what CDH was. I am pleased to say CHERUBS won 2nd place, the 30,000 reward!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Officially WALKING!!

I waited 24 hrs to make sure...but it is official. He has decided to walk. He does it a lot, like a little turtle. So precious! I still cant get over it, and kept making him do it today. =0)
Gagging and retching is still bad. Actually seems to be having more bad days than good. With all the research I have been doing online, I am realizing that is seems to be caused from the nissen wrap he had. Basically there is nothing that can be done, and with time hopefully things will change. I am finding more and more similar stories about other kids with nissens having the same symptoms. And it doesnt have to happening right after surgery, it can happen a long time later.
In the meantime we did meet the new GI doc. He is ruling out parasites (dont u love getting poo samples?) and I have Camden back on a probiotic, but I know that isnt the problem. I could be wrong....but I just think this is (unfortunately) how Camden's body is working right now.

BUT.....he is walking!!!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Another test...

Going in for another upper GI this Thurs, this time a bowl follow through, somthin or another to see more.
Then we will start to see a GI Dr, which I knew was coming, I was just was trying to go for "less" appointments, but it only lasted so long. ;o)
His upper GI from last week shows no problems, nissen intact. Thank God for that, but still not sure what causes all the retching.
Until then...