Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Feeding tube is officially GONE!

yes. A little over a week ago. It happened extremely fast for me. We went to see Dr Kays for a few month post op check up and I told him how well Camden has been eating and that although emotionally I was ready for the gtube to come out, I knew he wasn't going to ever need it again. So, we took it out! Camden did very well with it. I thought he was going to have a hard time dealing with this piece of plastic that has been "on" him for almost 4 years all of a sudden missing. He asked for it for a few days. A couple of times wanted to try and be mean and say, "Im not hungry! I want my tube back in!" (BTW- he is so stinkin' funny and cute when he tries to be mean and it lasts for all of 2 minutes) (What is bothering him is the granulation tissue that is left form the tube. he says he wants the dr to "cut it off" so we will deal with that later down the road.) Now, me on the other hand...I would well up with tears here and there through out the following days! This tube that his life has depended on for so long is gone. While I was so thankful for his progress, it just seemed so strange. He has only been truly able to eat by mouth for about 4 months and I was just adjusting to that. Then it was the cleaning out of med supplies (throwing away all his used equipment, and donating all the new) really hit me. I haven't known anything but Camden with medical supplies. He only has O2 equipment now, as needed. WOW. I am now adjusting (like this blog is all about me lol) and am so very proud of my little man. He tries everything and looks forward to eating. No more crying over food, he fought through the aversions. No more gagging, choking, retching....we finally know what was causing the issues it is fixed. (thank you, Dr K!)

It has been a long, emotional 4 year feeding journey to get him here, and we did it. He did it....

Thanksgiving was amazing. He enjoyed a plate of Thanksgiving meal for the first time and wanted to know what everything was with a huge smile on his face!

Next surgery is Jan 3 for trach hole closure and he's getting the "boys" brought down where they need to be. After that he will be 4 on the 22nd and we are praying for a calm, hospital free year!! Now, that would be nice! =o)

Thank you, Jesus.....