Thursday, October 6, 2011

no surgery.

After meeting with anesthesiologist, she felt it isn't wise to do any surgery until he isn't getting food stuck in nissen anymore. She said this was her opinion, (been doing it for 30 years) and that other Drs may say she is an "idiot" but after her sharing the risks, I canceled the surgery. I'm not risking aspiration for testicles at this time.

Now we wait for busy Dr Ks office to call. I am trying to schedule another stretching. I am focusing on this problem only. After this is all finished (prayerfully in the near future?) I will try to get his trach hole closed and the testes surgery all at once. At least that is my plan....

Btw: My lil rock star is potty trained in BOTH areas now. He tells me every time and is finally not "cared" of poo.