Monday, July 11, 2011

July is here......!?

silly boy!

Camden started doing well with the choking...until last week. It got bad again. He has continued to choke and I am thinking we are going to need another dilation of the nissen area. It's just not getting better, and that area can start to close up again. This was the reason we were going to do the surgery a few months back and changed our minds. Vicious circle. As usual.
So, we are back to tube feeds and the occasional snack which is caused by him begging for food and me giving in. And then he chokes.

He still has a gtube but for totally different reasons then why he first got it. There is something wrong with this picture. But, these are the things that can go along with CDH and nissen surgeries.

We did some potty training today. A lot. There was crying and fighting and he hates it. NEVER had to deal with this with my other kids. He comes to me and says, " I pooped" so I will change him, but other times he doesnt tell me. (He is so stinkin' FUNNY and I laugh at so many of his comments throughout the day.) Another thing that makes the potty training hard is ofcourse the all night feeds, and the fact that he has to drink soy formula which gives him awful runs. I am doing more blenderized diet for that reason, but the soy is nice at night because the BD gives me a rough time beeping for hours, clogging the pump. I could add more liquid, but that just adds more volume and less calories.....ugh. We will play with potty training, Im in no rush with him, but he sure looks adorable in those diego undies! The 2/3 t are too big in his skinny little butt.

I need to make a few dr appointments but I have enjoyed the break. *sigh* I know he has too. He hates going, but I am going to have to get on it soon. We need to see urology for his testes, and ortho for his spine. We have never went to ortho and need to go as a lot of CDH kids can have scoliosis.

There is the "health" update, but other than that, Camden is doing well. My beautiful blessing.

Thank you, Jesus.