Thursday, December 29, 2011

Update for the (almost) New Year!

Camden has continued the same path since October. Weve been to the Dr, set up more tests, then he eats better. Then he chokes more. Overall, the choking ( caused by the nissen being too tight) IS getting better. Could he use another stretching on it? Absolutely. But I have decided to give it more time and see if growth will help stretch it without having to put him under.... again.... for the ....lost count but maybe somewhere around the ......13th time? So yea, we are waiting as of now. So he is eating some orally, some by tube. Depends on how things work that day! =) He is drinking more and more from a bottle so we are getting a lot more down orally!

On another note, he is super smart and is talking in sentences. He will be 3 in January!! He is still a skinny lil thing, weighing around 25 lbs, although he did hit 26 at one point! ;o) He is still wearing a size 8 shoe. Didnt get the little foot from me!

He sings and dances and is doing almost everything a 3 yr old should be doing. He can almost go up and down stairs on his own as well. He is so precious and tells me, "Good mornin' Momma" every morning. His little phrases crack me up. He is so sweet, yet can be so silly!

Still holding off on testis and trach hole closure surgery. Waiting on the nissen problems to stop. Hopefully after 2012, things will start calming down and he will have some years to just "be" and only go fro his normal checkups. I cant wait for those days, yet I feel so grateful that we are where we are.

We also got a good xray report this month. All organs in place, diaphragm intact! Thankful to God
....So, here we go, 2012. =o)