Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting some surgeries behind us!

We go for surgery Sept 15 for Camden's undescended testes. The Dr is saying he wants to just watch the right side (side that surgery was already attempted) for now, and focus on bringing left side down. He also wants us to have a consultation with anesthesiologist before surgery because of Camden's past. Camden has done very well with the last 2 intubations since trach was removed, but if this Dr wants to be extra cautious, Im all about it. Ready to get some of this over with.

I spoke too soon (once again) in my last post about Camden's eating. Today, NOTHING is wanting to go through the nissen. I also just wasted his dose of meds not knowing he was about to choke. Up came the noodles he was eating, along with the fresh meds I had just gave him orally. = o/

Monday, August 22, 2011

August update!

Not MUCH change, but some things to update.

We went to ortho, and as of now, no scoliosis! Thank God!

We go to urology this Wednesday. I am wanting to get his testis "fixed," since they are not able to fall on their own. They are really stuck and may need a couple surgeries. I'm ready to get this all over with. Dread it, but ready to put it behind us.

Eating--Camden's tight nissen problem has remained unchanged until the last few days. He was choking on food every few days, and then some of it would eventually come back up esophagus. The last few days he has eaten more, and only had one choking episode, but food didn't come all the way up! He kept it down. I am not getting my hopes up, but Im praying that this is meaning the nissen is starting to stretch. This has happened before, but this may be the real deal, right?? ;o) He is still getting continuous gtube feeds through the night which he needs. Im really focusing on him eating orally during day,(when he isnt choking) but if he doesn't have a good eating day, from either being picky or choking, I will give him tube feeds during day. Overall this is amazing progress for Camden, and I am proud of him.

He is talking so much more, he is full of energy, not quite walking up stairs on his own but now can while holding on to rail, swimming with his puddle jumper, singing songs, (loves to sing Amazing Grace) pitching fits,(not too many, he really is a sweetheart) making us laugh, and doing other NORMAL 2 yr old things that make my heart oh so happy.