Monday, January 23, 2012

Nissen streching #3

Camden has completely recovered from his cold so we are thankful for that!

As for the choking, he did well for a little while, but the nissen seems to be getting bad again. It was to the point where nothing would go through him, not even liquid. I have been holding back on another surgery, but as much as I cringe over all the intubations he has had, we have to do this, or eating orally is out. PLus, he wants to eat now, and can't. Breaks my heart when he follows me around the kitchen begging for food.
The nurse called today and we are workingon scheduling a barium study (we want to see how the nissen looks now-it has always been super tight and there was also a little "pocket at the end of his esophagus) and then we will schedule stretching number 3. My prayer is that THIS is the LAST one needed and we can FINALLY work on eating and get past these nissen problems.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hospital stay....

Camden had been trying to fight something off and by day three I checked his O2 sats and they were on the low side. I JUST got rid of my O2 so I couldnt even ride it out until I was able to see a Dr, so off to Gainesville ER we went.

Negative for RSV and flu, didn't give him any meds...basically his little lungs just needed some help this time, so he is back on oxygen. Mom and I came home last night while daddy stayed with Camden. I am now waiting for tanks to be delivered, and for my boy to be home....back on oxygen. ugh. I am reminded of how much I hate what CDH has done to my child, but at the same time so blessed that he IS coming home to us. So much tragedy with people losing children and loved ones this year, and just through the Christmas season. My heart has been aching for so many.

Miss my baby and can't wait to have him back. I hated to see him struggle and breathe so hard but am so thankful it wasn't worse.