Thursday, September 22, 2011

Surgery update....

Urologist wanted Camden to see anesthesiologist before he does testicle surgery. I told him we've had surgeries and he has done well, but he still wants him seen. I am totally ok with that. We go to Jax to see them this Tues, then surgery is set for OCT 4th. Slowly but surely gettin' those things were they need to be! he will be pulling left testicle down as much as possible and not even attempting the right one at this time, so unfortunately this doesnt look like the last surgery in this department either. =o/

Camden is STILL choking. Maybe even getting worse again? (but wants to eat!) So, as much as I am dreading this, we will make an appointment with Dr K and talk about doing 3rd nissen stretching. It has been going on too long and it is just heart breaking to watch. I know it has to hurt too, but that is all he knows and he doesn't complain during the episodes.

His little sentences are turning into longer ones, some even 4 words. He is also officially potty trained, even through the night with a 500 ml feed. YAH! he's is the MAN! ;o) Ibtw- NEVER expected him to do this, but he just holds it and pees when he wakes, that works! =)

As I feel frustrated and sad about these issues he is having, I am thanking God for my boy!! We can get through these smaller issues!! It is so hard, especially when he goes a few mths w/o surgery,( I get spoiled! ;op) but I'm thankful that his breathing is so wonderful and he is strong and is prepared for this...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Potty Training.

He has done amazing. We started this week, and by the second day he was asking to go and would do it. He has shocked me, once again. The first morning was torture for the both of us. He was SO scared about it coming out, but I knew he had to see it and know that it wasn't so "cary" as he was screaming. Once that incident was over, we were good to go! There is NOTHING cuter than him running around in his undies with his tiny hiney.

Testicle surgery has been moved to Oct 4th. Was ready to get it over with, but I'm assuming someone just needed surgery more than us. Still waiting for anesthesiologist to call with their appointment.

Camden is taking his meds orally, and is now taking his amoxicillin (for missing spleen taken out in first diaphragm repair) from the little medicine cup we were never able to use. Today, watching him sipping his meds in his undies was a little emotional for me. I am so thankful and have never been so happy to potty train a child.