Monday, March 26, 2012


I really dont know where to begin, so I'll just be brief. I feel like I need to update my blog for myself, but I don't feel like it because I feel like I can't explain everything. =o( No one from the Drs office has called me. It's been weeks and weeks and Ive left a message for the past 3 weeks (and more before that) and no one has called. I dont get it. So, I made and appointment with the Dr which isnt until the 17th of April. I'll just drive 2 hrs to tell him that no one has called me to tell me anything. Not even to make another appointment! Not to schedule another surgery for his nissen stretching, or to even tell me they dont want to do it! I saw the Dr in NOVEMBER to discuss another nissen stretching. We finally got the upper GI a mth ago, and now it is MARCH. Am I being dramatic?? Im not acting like it is an emergency, I understand he has a gtube and CAN be fed, but 3 mths seems a little long to me and not to call is just rude. And that is my main frustration! K, done.

In the mean time, Camden can't eat anything that isnt baby food consistency, which is hard for him to gag down with his aversions. He loves chips, ham, pb sandwiches, pickles, all the things I have to say "no" to. Also, for the last 3 weeks he has been retching. Again. =o/BUT, I know he isn't getting fed too much, (the reason for the retching episodes LAST time) and we are actually back on the pump with each feed being a slow one, so something else is going on. He hasn't retched on a slow drip since his diaphragm reherniated so I hope that isnt what is going on. His breathing is totally fine, but it was fine when he reherniated last time as well. His bms are also good, so I'm not concerned to where I think it is an emergency, but he will definitely need an x ray when we go in April.

Other than that he is talking like crazy, and is my sweetness!!! I find myself having short crying spells over him each day. I guess with all the food/eating issues. He is so good about it, even if he chokes. He just smiles afterward and tells me when it is "all done" He teaches(or reteaches!) me things each day. "This too shall pass...." I think I need to get that tattooed on my arm. ;o)