Monday, February 28, 2011

Precious Maggie

...lost her battle to a mito disease. She is in the arms of Jesus now. Please pray for this family as they go through this tragic time.... ;'(

Friday, February 25, 2011

Prayer request

We love you sweet Maggie and are praying for you tonight...

The Agnew family needs, more than ever, prayers for peace as their baby girl is not doing well tonight. We have been following their blog for a while now and have grown to love sweet Maggie.

She is one of my followers "Agnew Family blog" if you would like to read her story...

Please pray for this family tonight.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

An answer to the problem!

Hate that there is a problem, but now we know why.

Camden had his endoscopy yesterday. Had to be put under which completely broke my heart. Brings back horrible memories of him being intubated for 9 long weeks. Hated to see him wake up raspy and sore and crying and MAD. Kicking at the nurse when she walked towards him and his papers saying, "child resistant to vital signs" LOL It turned out to be an 8-4pm ordeal b/t the waiting and then the unexpected findings.

They called me the first time and told me that the camera would not make it through to the stomach. The nissen surgery he had done a while back is too tight which totally explains why when he eats things get stuck, fill his esophagus up, and then come out....undigested. It didn't surprise me. Those are crazy surgeries and I always suspected something was wrong there, although with all the retching before I thought is was too loose. But nope, too tight.

Dr J called Dr K down to dilate that area. Unfortunately that did nothing because as soon as Camden tried a few noodles last night we were back to how things were before. =( Dr J did say we may have to do the stretching a few times. It is that or open him back up. I'm thinking we are going to end up with another surgery, but I'm not the Dr and could be totally wrong. I hope I am.

we are home and he is fine....but can't eat. He has been so whiny and clingy for a while and it seems it started the same time he started to want to eat. I think the kids chest is hurting. I know mine would!

thanking God for answers as I was in fear there wouldn't be one and I would be the over exaggerating mom...again. Now we move forward on getting things to work and getting him to eat. Follow up appointments in March.

I'm telling him no to food and it is killing me. (My baby is finally wanting to eat!! I still can't believe it...but I have to say NO! ) He doesn't realize that is what is making him sick. I'm trying to get him to drink more, but he isn't too fond of it. Liquid actually comes up sometimes too, but it has a better chance making it down.

So...that is where things are as of now. A little bump in the road...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

More testing...

Cant remember if I shared already, but the upper GI and esophagram both came back normal. GREAT! BUT, the puking up this clear, sticky mucus is getting worse. He can't eat, but wants to. He takes tiny bites here and there, then he does weird clearing his throat sounds (sometimes) sometimes gets the hiccups for a few minutes, gets upset, gags and pukes this mucus right up. In the last three days he has done it 6-10 times each day. Weird, and I cant figure it out. I emailed the Dr all this information and suggested (as much as I dread it) getting Camden an endoscopy and he agreed. So next Wednesday we will be heading to Gainesville, once again. We are seeing a GI there who has been great too. That is something to be thankful for ....we have always been blessed with wonderful drs and specialists.
So, that is where we are on the CDH roller coaster this week....