Wednesday, June 22, 2011

JUNE Update!

All is pretty well with Camden.
He is eating a little better and choking a little less. We just need time, as always, but things are getting BETTER.
He is talking more and more everyday. He keeps us laughing. He loves singing 'Amazing Grace' and 'Im a Little Teapot.'

I haven't been doing any day tube feeds and just keep offering him things. WE ARE on night feeds, otherwise he'd just blow away. He still looks like he may blow away, but Im really trying to stay off the tube feeds during the day.
He takes his medicine by mouth!! I use the syringe and he does it. He doesn't really like the new amoxicillin flavor, (dont they know there are kids with oral aversion and ya cant change flavors? ;p) but he drinks it, signs "all done" and is proud of himself.

Potty training is non existent right now. "Camden do you want to pee on the potty?" and then "NO" before I can finish the sentence. I would be more forceful, but the soy formula continues to give him the runs which has been a nightmare . I am going to have to do a blenderized diet through the night and just find a way to keep it cold. Ugh

He continues to amaze me, and I continue to give God all the glory for his life. What a joy he is to have and I am ever so grateful.

CHERUBS (CDH org) is in a contest "Vivit Gives Back" and we are trying to win for research money and more. We will also be giving 10,000 to help an orphan with CDH. We are begging for votes. Votes are HARD to get. (please vote through FB if you read this, find me on there ) But through this contest there are many emotions. It is so important to us. Most of us CDH moms are so passionate about it. Especially now that I am in the "calmer" CDH times at the moment. We dont want others to have to go through what we have. We want to help this orphan, who BTW has people waiting for him. We want research. We don't want anymore babies leaving this earth before their parents. Seeing these post from moms who have LOST their babies is heartbreaking. I hate CDH. Please vote through FB. It is so easy, ....but so important.

I had a mom share how important it was for us CDH moms to keep blogging. Her baby is in the NICU right now with CDH. I haven't been keeping up with this blog as much because I feel like we've been dealing with the same issues over and over. I will make sure I blog more. Someone out there may need it.
So, this is for you, Brandy. I cant WAIT until I have to remind YOU to keep blogging about Brock because he is doing so well!